【901Enews】Dr. Lin, Ching-Rong honored as Nationwide Outstanding Teacher in General Education

by Sandra Chen After teaching general education subjects for many years, Chair of Tourism Department, Dr. Lin, Ching-Rong, was selected among 73 candidates and presented with a 6th Outstanding Teacher in General Education Award. In the award conferral ceremony held on Oct. 23 at the National Taiwan Library, a trophy, certificate and monetary award of 300,000 NTD were conferred by Dr. Chen, Der-Hwa, Deputy Minister of Education. Dr. Lin, Ching-Rong was the first faculty member to offer inter-university general education courses using asynchronous and synchronous distance teaching methods. She devoted a great amount time to produce online learning resources and activities in the courses “The Taiwanese Ecosystem” and “Introduction to Environmental Protection,” and implemented post-class online discussion. Dr. Lin actively developed a student-centered general education approach that is problem-based and action-oriented. Kudos to Dr. Lin, who truly deserves the honor of Outstanding Teacher in General Education.

Dr. Lin, Ching-Rong was the only female awardee in the 6th General Education Outstanding Teacher Awards.

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