【901Enews】Feature Interview-Juan Andres Dürler

IC Student Getting Acquainted with Taiwan Through Travel by Chih-Yu Shih Last month, newspapers in Taiwan reported on El Salvadorean student Juan Andres Dürler, currently studying in IBT1; although he has only been in Taiwan for one year, he’s already been to so many places. His passion for backpacking has taken him far and wide across the island and his love for photography has led him to record what he sees. So, through his photos we can also get acquainted with more beautiful places in Taiwan. Juan notes that his most memorable travel experience was going to HoHuan Mountain. The view was so magnificent, not like any other place he’s ever seen. However, he didn’t research it enough in advance, so he didn’t know that this is the only place where it will snow in Taiwan. He had only taken along basic mountain climbing gear. Because of that, the freezing cold weather kept him from sleeping well that night. Fortunately, the bad situation brought him a chance to appreciate the beautiful starry sky. “It was really amazing”, he said. “The higher you reach, the more you can get.” Juan further expressed, while talking about his experience of watching the sunrise on that trip, “If you want to catch more memorable views during travel, you must get up early to climb up the mountain, because the astonishing views will only show up after you work hard.”

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