by Chih-Yu Shih The ICES Halloween Party on 10/23 on Taipei campus attracted almost 200 people. All of the participants were dressed in special costumes so that they could join this party. This year was quite different from previous Halloween parties with a maze and entry tasks to complete before party-goers could enter the party venue. This year’s costume competition was divided into individual and pair categories. Number one in the individual group was Michelle Quan, JMC1, while Alejandro & Aldo, IBT B, took honors in the pair group. All winners received special rewards. Many people had fun at this Halloween party. Rahel Relmann, exchange student from Switzerland, mentioned that the music that day was really good, and she enjoyed the atmosphere a lot. In Switzerland, they usually don’t celebrate Halloween, nor do universities organize such events, so this was a very special experience for her.

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