【897Enews】Multicultural activities for colleges’ students at MCU-Michigan and SVSU

Ming Chuan University – Michigan has offered students an opportunity to pursue their master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language this fall semester. To efficiently build up strong and successful friendships between Ming Chuan University – Michigan (MCU-MI) and Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU), MCU-MI had participated in SVSU Cardinals’ Party on September 9th, an annual event. There were approximately 150 booths for student clubs, businesses, and non-profit organizations, displaying the services they provide for SVSU and MCU-MI students. MCU-MI manned a booth to promote Ming Chuan’s ongoing programs such as Chinese Corner, and also prepared free fortune cookies, pens and bookmarks with Ming Chuan’s logo and contact information. The event was fully supported by Dr. Robert Yien (MCU Vice President), Dr. Fu-Tsai Hsieh (MCU professor), Dr. Kerry Segel (SVSU professor) and some new MCU graduate students. More than 500 faculty, staff and students who were attending the event came to know MCU-MI better through the event. Starting from Sept 11th, there will be a eleven-week program every Thursday designed specifically for learning Mandarin Chinese through exploring pronunciation, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese board games, Chinese songs, Chinese tea appreciation and so forth. This free program is open for SVSU faculty, staff and students to have a taste of speaking Mandarin Chinese. Inviting them to come to use MCU-MI facilities provides a precious opportunity for our graduate students to make local friends and to practice and apply what they have learned from their current courses. As more and more American participants appreciate this cultural program, the image of Ming Chuan University is highly promoted in an excellent quality way.

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