【897Enews】TCSL Dept. Earned Subsidy from MOE, Established Online TCSL Center in U.S.

The “2014, 8-year Plan for Mandarin Chinese Education”(103年邁向華語文教育產業輸出大國八年計畫/一線駐點), run by the Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Department, was subsidized with over one million NTD by the Ministry of Education. According to the project, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Department will be responsible for designing Chinese teaching materials for the promotion of Chinese speaking and writing among foreigners. In order to turn the Ming Chuan University – Michigan Location into a digital learning center, the material will be digitalized by Study Fun Technology Incorporation for building the teaching web sites and for recruiting foreign online Chinese learners at the US campus. Principal investigator, XiMei, Jiang (江惜美) said, “Through promoting learning Chinese online, the learners can visit Taiwan for further study or culture experiencing after learning. The whole project is estimated to be completed in half a year. By that time, Ming Chuan University Michigan Location will have established Chinese learning centers in the western and eastern US. This will, therefore, build up the popularity of Ming Chuan’s Chinese teaching, and attract even more foreign learners to come to Ming Chuan to study Chinese.

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