【897Enews】Enrollment Rate reaches a record high

Due to declining birth rates, many higher education institutions in Taiwan have been facing stiff challenges in terms of successful recruitment in recent years. However, according to the statistical data analyzed by Ming Chuan Academic Affairs Division, MCU’s 2014-15 Academic Year enrollment rate is 97.31 percent. This is a new record, especially for the departments of Financial Law, Commercial Design and Radio and TV, which all attained 100 percent enrollment rates. This excellent result proves that Ming Chuan University undoubtedly offers the best learning environment and provides top academic programs. Thank you for supporting and choosing Ming Chuan University! According to the Academic Affairs Division, besides those departments which attained 100 percent enrollment rates, other departments also reached above 99 percent enrollment rates including: Finance, Product Design and Accounting. Meanwhile, those above 98 percent include: Business Administration, Applied English, Applied Japanese, Computer Science and Information Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Advertising, Biomedical Engineering and School of Tourism. President Lee is pleased to welcome all the new freshmen to the big family of Ming Chuan University and wish all the MCU students have an enjoyable learning experience throughout their college career.

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