【891】Excellent Performance at 4th Cross-strait College Student Foreign Language Cultural Festival

by Florrie Lin MCU faculty members and students of Applied English Department participated in “4th Cross-strait College Student Foreign Language Cultural Festival” held by Xiamen University of Technology with excellent performances. MCU won the 1st and 2nd prizes in the competitions of Speech, Recitation and Foreign Language Singing, and 2 Honorable Mentions in the writing competition. Participating students Yi-Hsien Hung, Pi-Wen Hsu and Yang-Hau Huang share their reflections with all MCU faculty members and students in “Push Yourself Forward” Push Yourself Forward by Yi-Hsien Hung, Pi-Wen Hsu and Yang-Hau Huang Right after the week of the midterm examinations, the chair, and two teachers of the Department of Applied English (DAE), my fellow hombres and me were on our way to the mainland to partake the fourth Foreign Language and Culture Festival held at the Xiamen University of Technology from April 23-27. The series of activities included: Speech, Oral Recitation, Writing, and the Super Star Foreign Language Singing competitions which were organized by their Student English Development Center in Fujian, China. Entering the intense competition and having the privilege to represent Ming Chuan University and Taiwan, we had to make sure that we put our best foot forward. Each category included two of our very own Ming Chuan students and each representative showcased their talents with their own creativity and flair. Preparing for the competition was overwhelming and exhilarating at first, and we doubted if we could do it on top of all our other workload, but we did. Besides doing our best, we are proud to say that we brought home 6 trophies and a few honorable mention certificates back to Taiwan. Besides the trophies and certificates, the memories gained, lessons learned, friends made, the trip was much more. It was an absolutely priceless opportunity of a lifetime, as well a great experience that’s forever embedded in our lives. If it wasn’t for the guidance from our chair, Dr. Lilie Tsay and the professors in the DAE, this profound experience would never have happened to us, so we would like to thank them for their support. Thank you to all the homies in Xiamen and at SEDC at XMUT. Thank you to the lovely Irene Hung who held us down, and thank you to Dr. Lilie Tsay, Dr. Maggie Su, Dr. Nancy Tu, and Dr. Dora Hsu for the opportunity and your strong support. By “making your voice heard”” (also the topic of this year’s speech)

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