【887Enews】Two New Scholarships in Memory of Alumnae Hao Established

The university has established two new alumni memorial scholarships to encourage students to pursue dreams or study in MCU–Michigan location. Rules and regulations governing these two scholarships were passed on April 28, 2014. Funds for the two scholarships will come from the donation of US$50,000 made by Ms. Hsiao-Lan Hao, one of Ming Chuan alumni in South California, who passed away in late March. Ms. Hao expressed her desire to make the donation when she returned to MCU and met with President Lee in February. This donation was made following another donation of US$35,000 also made by Ms. Hao in 2012 for MCU disadvantaged students to remember her mother, Ms. Shu-Lan Chang, also a Ming Chuan alumnae. Ms. Hao used to be an outstanding entrepreneur. Her company, Actek Mfg. & Eng. Inc., has dominated 40% of the global market share in the safety rings industry. She was also a honorary board member of MCU Alumni Association in South California. One of the new scholarships is intended to encourage MCU students to study in Michigan-location. Each receiver, based on academic performance, will be awarded with US$500. Another scholarship is aimed at encouraging MCU students to pursue dreams. Students wishing to apply for the scholarship should submit their dream plans, either individually or in teams. Each plan will be awarded with a scholarship of up to NT$100,000. The two scholarships will be available for MCU students’ application starting in September in the 2014 academic year.

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