【887Enews】Yilan Cultural trip on 10th of May

The office of international student service (OISS) kindly reminds the international students who is joining this Yilan cultural trip to show up on 10th of May, 2014 at MRT Jiantan Station Exit 2 at 8.00a.m. People who are going to this trip remember bring along your ARC and insurance card, if you didn’t have your ARC, you can bring the photocopy of your passport as replacement. This trip is a great opportunity for students to experience the Taiwan cultural and get to taste their traditional food. There will be lot of interest stuff and activities awaiting foreign students to explore so you’re suggested to wear leisure suit also, bring umbrella and medicine in case of emergency. The trip is going to the Toucheng Farm to explore some local activities, try out the traditional local style buffet, design your stylish recycle bag, DIY fruit vinegar and lastly there is around half and hour free time to let you having fun in this rural area. For those who miss this interesting trip, OISS will held a trip in next semester and please be patient for it. Student who is joining this trip remember be punctual and enjoy your Yilan cultural trip.

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