【887Enews】56 winners in the 25th Literary and Arts Festival

cowrited by JMC1 Melissa Chuy Pons, IBT Kenesha Julius Flawless The 25th MCU Literary and Arts Award ceremony was held on April 23th in S104, Taoyuan campus. There were ten genres of competition for participants to join in. This year, no one won the first place for the newly established genre “microfilms”. The winners’ list is now available on MC Weekly website at http://www.week.mcu.edu.tw The judges were impressed with the participants’ excellent writing. Out of all participants, Esther Rose Truasheim won first place in English Poetry, while Kenesha Julius was awarded first place in English Prose. Following are their short speeches after receiving the award, Poetry/ English Poetry Winner/Applied English/Esther Rose Truasheim/Christmas Day Thank you all for reading my poetry; if you haven’t, good for you. The poem I wrote, “Christmas Day,” was in my first year at Ming Chuan University, and I wrote it right before Christmas on December 20th before I was due to go back to visit my family for Christmas day. The poem is about the celebration of Christmas day, what we like to do for Christmas day and our religious beliefs pertaining to Christmas, so I hope everyone enjoyed it, and thank you Ming Chuan University, for the chance to compete in this competition and for awarding me first prize. Prose/ English Prose Winner/IBT (ICDF student)/Kenesha Julius/Flawless 大家好!I’m really honored to finally come in first; so I’m really happy. I want to thank Ming Chuan University, the judges who participated in the English prose competition, friends, and family. Thanks again and enjoy your day, thank you. Many joined the 25th MCU Literary and Arts Award Ceremony. President Lee encouraged students to keep learning and broaden their horizons, mentioning in his address: “Thanks to everyone who helped to host Literary and Arts Award during the past 25 years. Also, we appreciate Founder Pao’s efforts to establish this activity. … Art is long, life is short.” A special experience- words from the ceremony host ——- by Carlos Machado My name is Carlos Machado, and I am a student in the Journalism and Mass Communication program of the International College on Taipei campus. This year I was honored to be a co-host, along with Cherry Huang – a Taoyuan campus student, of the 25th MCU Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony held on Taoyuan campus. It was a very pleasant experience to present the winners in the various categories of poetry, photography, film and prose, among others. It was also very emotional listening to all the prize winners, and the gratitude of the teachers present at the ceremony. I also felt very anxious, because my responsibility was that the whole activity was carried out without any mishap or problem of coordination. However, my co-host and I performed without any problem. Also, in my position as a foreigner, I was a little nervous to use Chinese in front of many professors, students and other staff members of the university at such an important event. I am grateful to have had this opportunity and wish the coming award ceremonies will be as great as we experienced.

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