【887Enews】Post-midterm Course-reduction Application

After receiving the results of Mid-term examinations, do u regret that you did not spent the holiday preparing for the exam? To remind those who do not do well in the midterm, the standards for post-midterm course-reduction application are: 1. Those who fail less than one-third of their credits on midterm exams may apply to drop one course. 2. Those who fail more than one-third but less than half of their credits on midterm exams may apply to drop no more than two courses. 3. Those who fail half of their credits on midterm exams may apply to drop no more than three courses. All students meeting one of the conditions above should apply for course drop online after being counseled by their class advisor. The application period is from 9:00, 5/5 (Mon) to 16:00, 5/9(Fri) by entering the Student Information System, under Course Information, select Post-midterm Course Withdrawal. Then check the course(s) to be dropped, and click on ‘confirm’ to submit the application. The dropped courses will be marked in blue. If there is any mistake, you can recheck the course(s) and resubmit the application for correction within the application period. Academic Affairs reminds you that the semester’s total credits must not fall below the minimum credits required for full-time enrollment after the course reduction. Moreover, after the course-reduction application is approved, cancellation or requests of any revisions to the application are not accepted under any conditions. No refunds are made for the courses being dropped. The result of course drop will be posted on your course schedule in the Student Information System on 5/13 (Tue), 2014. Please double check online. For further questions, please contact the Registrar’s Section, Graduate Education Section and Taoyuan Academic Affairs Section. Exchange students, please contact International Education & Exchange Division or Mainland China Education & Exchange Division.

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