【883Enews】MCU Literary Prize Ceremony on April 23

MCU Literary Prize Ceremony on April 23 Retrospective Exhibition in Taoyuan Library by Florrie Lin The 25th MCU Literary Prize Ceremony is going to be held on April 23 (Wednesday) on Taoyuan Campus. The evaluation process is gradually being completed. Some international students have done well in English Prose Section and English Poetry Section. All selected works are announced in the accompanying table (sorted by the name of the author). For English Prose Section, only three prizes will be awarded due to there being only six submissions. On the list is Kenesha Julius, who has won prizes for three years now; can she win the 1st prize in her last year at MCU? Check it out during the 25th MCU Literary Prize Ceremony. A retrospective exhibition of the MCU Literary Prize is going to be held in conjunction with this 25th year of the event in the atrium of the Library during this week. All students are welcome to visit the retrospective exhibition. It is a new milestone for MCU, because we are going to spread the arts atmosphere to MCUMI, on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. While we are celebrating MCU anniversary this month March, all sister schools of MCU will receive a special edition, collating outstanding pieces of Ming Chuan literature and arts to share the beautiful scenery of MCU and life experience of its young people. MCU literature and arts are ever renewing. MCU Literary Prize offers multiple creative awards to inspire students’ potential and broaden their views through poetry in Classical Chinese and Modern Chinese, Chinese Prose and English Prose, photography to short film. MCU Literary Prize is a dream of Founder Pao’s: Let us light the MCU campus with literature and arts, and welcome the new generation of young artists.

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