【883Enews】Midterm Examinations Reminder

by Vickey Hsu After the 57th MCU Anniversary festivities are over, the next important thing coming around the corner are the mid-term examinations. The mid-term exams will be held from the 14th to 18th of April. All the students should log in to the Student Information System to check for details, such as the examination rooms and times for the courses that you are taking. Please make sure to confirm that all the information is correct and start to prepare yourself for the examinations. A reminder for all the students who have not sat for any exams at Ming Chuan University: The school has strict examination regulations, for example, cheating will cause serious consequences such as expulsion. Fifteen (15) minutes after the exams starts, you will not be able to enter the exam room. All electronic devices must be turned off during the exams, and you are not allowed to apply for personal leave when you have exams. There are other regulations that you should understand; therefore, please read all the rules before sitting for midterms. If you have any queries about mid-term examinations, you may ask some upper classmates for help or the Office of International Student Service for more guidance. May all students do their best on mid-terms exams!

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