【883Enews】4/2-4/6 Holiday Notification

by Sandra Chen April 2nd and 3rd will be the make-up holidays for University Anniversary. As April 4th and 5th are national holidays for Children’s Day and Tomb Sweeping Day respectively, then including Sunday April 6th, faculty and students will have a five-day holiday. An important reminder: midterms will be held on April 14th; therefore, students should wisely use this break to prepare for the exams in advance. The Tomb Sweeping Day on April 4th is a traditional holiday when Chinese people will sweep their ancestors’ tombs and pray for a smooth coming year. In this semester, we will have another 3-day holiday from 5/31-6/2 for the Dragon Boat Festival. This is also a Chinese traditional holiday. Grab this chance to know more about Chinese culture via different holidays.

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