【883Enews】Physical Fitness Test Administration Begins

by Florrie Lin To promote the physical fitness project announced by Ministry of Education, which encourages students to have regular exercise habits, and be aware of their own physical fitness, Ming Chuan University has included physical fitness abilities’ evaluation as part of the criteria for third-year students needing to enroll in physical education. In accordance with the “Implementation Plan for Physical Education” in the Ming Chuan University Student Handbook, all second-year students and international students studying at MCU in accordance with “Procedures for Foreign Student Admissions” are required to participate in this test. The test will be implemented in accordance with testing methods announced by the MOE, which includes broad jump, sit-and-reach, one minute of sit–ups, and three minutes of stair climbing. The test scores will be sorted by campus and gender by a percentage ranking and then further divided into levels (10 levels for each item). The combined levels will be the standard for evaluation. Those who are in the top 50% for these combined items (not including BMI) may waive the third-year Physical Education Course. The physical fitness test will be carried out during the PE classes in the eighth and ninth weeks of this semester. Please make sure to attend and take the test lest you lose some of your rights. Please report to your PE teacher if you are not able to take the tests. Those who fail to report to their teachers will be requested to take a Special Physical Education Course in accordance with the regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the Physical Education Office on either campus.

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