【880Enews】Intercollegiate Marathon on 3/9

by Sue Lin Tan In order to advocate sports culture and improve relationships between schools, seven private universities are holding a joint marathon event on March 9, 2014. Ming Chuan University, Fu Jen University, Tam Kang University, Shih Chien University, SooChow University, Chinese Culture University and Shih Hsin University have invited everyone to join this meaningful marathon which is divided into six categories, including men’s and women’s categories in each of university students, faculty & alumni, and the general public.

Every student participant needs to report in person at their respective university’s office one week before the event. Your student ID card is necessary for registration and you will receive your t-shirt, brochure, contest number, etc. The event will start between 7:00 to 11:00am; participants need to report prior to starting time at the New Taipei City Xing Fu Shui Yang Park ( 新北市幸福水漾公園 ).

The public categories will start at 7:00am; then the students, faculty and alumni will start at 9:00am. Students will run five kilometres, faculty and alumni three kilometres, and the general public 10 kilometers. Every participant who completes the mini-marathon will get a certificate and participate in a lucky draw for grand prizes. The organizers will provide cash awards of NTD 5000 to NTD 30,000 to the winners in different categories. Updated notices will be posted on the event website or the organizers may be contacted directly at 02-27710300.

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