【880Enews】Creative Cheerleading Dance, IC Ready go

by Vickey Hsu It is less than a month away from the most anticipated event of the year – the 57th MCU Anniversary. This year, the Anniversary is going to be held on Saturday, the 22nd of March on Taoyuan campus. Students from different departments are all working very hard for the Anniversary as they are passionate to attend one of the biggest annual events of Ming Chuan University, that is, the Creative Cheerleading Dance Competition. Faculty and staff members and students from both Taoyuan and Taipei campuses will be celebrating the anniversary of Ming Chuan University with the wonderful cheerleading performance from each diligent department. The Creative Cheerleading Dance Competition is part of MCU’s culture. First-year students are led by upper classmates to prepare for this fantastic carnival. Last year, International College earned 4th Place overall for their dance performance, and a lot of applauses and cheering from the crowd as their performance was full of surprises and wonder. This year, IC is again on their way to prepare for another big show. Once again, both Taoyuan and Taipei IC are co-operating with each other, overcoming the obstacles of distance between the two campuses. The Taipei IC Creative Cheerleading leader Coco Chiu mentioned that, this year, the team has recruited many international students, and each one of the them are doing their best, every one of the students wants to give their best for IC. No matter which department you are from, please give all the other hard working departments your fullest support. All the participating students are making Ming Chuan University a more colorful and fabulous place at which to study and have fun.

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