【880Enews】Voting for 2014 MCU Graduation Song

by Abby Lu For this June’s MCU graduation, all the graduating students want a song to celebrate this big event in their lives. Therefore, the Graduation Committee is now holding a MCU graduation song composition contest. Students are voting for their favorite from February 17 to 26 (before midnight). Since the voting will still be in process after the next deadline of Ming Chuan Weekly, if you want to know the results, please look for a future related article. There are four songs competing this year: Blue Bangs (深藍瀏海) by 林彥儀 and AChin, Wake up (醒醒) by Abby Lu and Ben Chen, Chicken Soup of Life (人生雞湯) by 黃志豪and Graduation Tour (畢業旅行) by 呂杰達. One of the contestants from Taipei International College, Abby noted: “It is very challenging for me because it is actually my first time to join a composition contest. But thanks to my teacher, Ben, who helped me during the recording process and arranged the song for me, this song became more energetic and vivid. I really hope all the students from Ming Chuan, especially 4th-year students, listen to this song and attain the hopes and dreams of their future. This song is dedicated to all of you!” The chosen song will have a music video, and it will be played during the graduation ceremony. The purpose of the video is to allow all the graduating students look back on their memories of MCU. A senior student, Wayne said: “Thanks to this competition, we will be able to choose the most suitable song for our graduation.”

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