【880Enews】Applications being accepted for two international scholarships

by Donya L. Francis A call has gone out for interested international students to apply for two available scholarships that are being awarded by the university.The scholarships that are up for grabs will provide exemplary students who are in need of financial assistance with some amount of money. International students are encouraged to apply for the ‘Foreign Students Scholarship’. This is mainly for individuals who are studying full time and have successfully finished the first semester. Students with a conduct grade of 84 or over, with no demerits, are welcome to apply. Undergraduate students must be taking more than nine credits and have an academic grade average of 85 or over for the previous semester. Students enrolled in graduate programs should be taking more than four credits and have an academic grade average of 85 or over for the previous semester, to be considered for the scholarship. Online application for the ‘Foreign Students Scholarship’ will be closed on Mar 14. Students from Southeast Asia are encouraged to apply for the ‘Non-IC Southeast Asia Scholarship’. This seeks to provide assistance to students who are not enrolled in International College.Applicants should be taking undergraduate courses and have an academic grade average of over 80 and a conduct grade also over 80 for the previous semester. Successful applicants will be awarded a scholarship of NTD 8,000 per semester. Students have until March 3, 2014 to apply for the ‘Non-IC Southeast Asia’ scholarship. Questions regarding both available scholarships should be directed to the Division of International Education and Exchange (IEE Division), telephone 03-3507001 Ext 3703.Individuals who are already benefiting from MOE, MOFA or ICDF scholarships are asked not to apply.

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