【877Enews】President Lee Granted an Honorary Doctor of Laws from SVSU

MCU-MI included in MSCHE accreditation by Florrie Lin Dr. Chuan Lee, President of Ming Chuan University, was granted an Honorary Doctor of Laws from SVSU on December 13, 2013 in the SVSU Graduation Ceremony, which makes all MCU people proud of him. A total of 3,000 people attended the ceremony, including SVSU Board Members, faculty members, graduates and parents. Dr. Eric R. Gilbertson, President of SVSU, introduced Dr. Lee’s portfolio, achievements and recommendation. Gilbertson also praised Dr. Lee’s excellent leadership for not only guiding MCU enroute to MSCHE accreditation, also for promoting academic exchange and collaboration between MCU and SVSU. In Dr. Lee’s acceptance appreciation speech, he said that, as an honorary alumni, of SVSU, he will continue to do his best in the future for even better cooperation between the two universities. MCU is now offering education in space on the SVSU campus, as MCU – Michigan Location. This has been a dream of his for over 10 years, and now it is a dream come true. Furthermore, MCU-MI location was visited by Dr. Christy Faison, MSCHE vice president in July 2013. President Lee, Vice President Yien and MCU staff members hosted Dr. Faison as she investigated the operations there. She commended the summer camp courses and Chinese Language camp underway at the time. A letter arrived from MSCHE earlier this month announcing that MCU-MI is now recognized under MCU’s accreditation.

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