【877Enews】Participants Selected for 2014 Learning away from Home Program

by LeAnn Eyerman Competition was keen among MCU students eager to be selected for ‘Learning away from Home Program (LHP) –2014’. The departments of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) and International Business (IB) have already posted lists of those selected for participation in the coming summer’s program. As the department of Applied English (AE) accepts applicants from all departments from which only 10 students will be selected, that list will be posted next month. With the success of 2013 as a foundation, IEE (International Education and Exchange) Division and MCU-Michigan Location join hands to kick off the ‘Learning away from Home Program (LHP) –2014’. Selected students will be receiving scholarships of NTD30,000, provided by IEE. LHP is an exciting cross-cultural opportunity plus an efficient way of earning credits. TCSL solely recruited second- and third-year TCSL majors so that the American learners in Mandarin camp can be served with expertise, plus students’ internship hours can be completed within a month. Similarly, IB recruited from its own student cohorts; both undergraduates and graduates could apply. Applicants were selected based on transcripts, faculty recommendation and English proficiency – which included an interview conducted in English during the screening process. An extra bonus for the selected TCSL majors is an extended trip to the California Bay Area, where they will lead another Mandarin Camp hosted by the Association of Northern California Chinese Schools.

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