【877Enews】IC Taipei Campus Made It to Chorus Competition Finals

by Abby Lu IC won third place in the Freshmen Chorus preliminary contest on December 11, which means they have a ticket to the finals! In Taipei’s preliminary contest, School of Communication won the first prize, Department of International Business and Department of Risk and Management tied for second, and IC Taipei campus won third place. These three choirs represented Taipei campus in the finals, which were held on December 20. In the final competition, School of Communication swept the prizes, including the first prize, best conductor, best accompaniment and best team spirit. Although IC didn’t win any prize for the finals, the choir still made history by getting into the finals for two consecutive years. All the choir members, including foreign students, said they had fun during the practices and the competition. IC won the 5th place in the final competition last year and is committed to keeping up their team spirit and optimistic attitude for next year. For sure, they will rock the stage again. Photo: IC College singing in Freshmen Choral Competition in 2013. (PHOTO by Yi-Bin Chen)

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