【877Enews】The next MCU Literary Prize winner is you

by Sue Lin Tan If you have great passion and creativity in writing English prose or poetry, you’re the one we are looking for right now. We highly encourage and welcome our international students to participate in the English prose and poetry categories of the Literary Prize Awards. The 25th Literary Prize, with cash awards totaling NTD 200,000, is waiting you take the challenge. Welcoming the university’s 57th anniversary, honored works from previous winners will be shared by the university. In years past, many foreign students did perform well and won awards in this event. Short film contest and photography category are open for your participation as well. And, if you have confidence in your Chinese fluency, you can enter any Chinese writing as well, such as topical prose essay, prose, contemporary poetry, classic poetry, and novel. For more information, refer to the 25th Literary Prize page on Facebook and also check the details on the MCU website. Don’t forget to submit your great works before Jan. 16, 2014. It’s your time to show your talents and go for the grand prize. MCU Literary Prize website http://www.art.mcu.edu.tw Facebook Fans group https://www.facebook.com/MCU.art

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