【877Enews】New semester begins on 2/17

by Sandra Chen The happy winter vacation will start as soon as the final examination ends. According to the MCU calendar announced by General Secretary’s Division, the 2nd semester of 2013-14AY will start at 2/17 (Monday). We would like to remind students who are returning to their countries for the long holiday to arrange to come back to Taiwan before classes begin to prepare for the coming semester. The beginning of February is the very important Chinese New Year holiday for Chinese people. On 1/30, the Chinese New Year’s Eve, Taiwanese people will return to their homes and enjoy a family reunion dinner together. Chinese New Year starts on 1/31, people will visit their family members to wish one another the best of luck in the coming year. Some will also go to temples or churches to pray for a great new year; 2/1 is the day for married women to visit her side of the family! If you are not returning to your country, grab this chance and enjoy a warm and special Chinese New Year holiday. Finally, we would like to remind everyone that 2/13 is the day for new international student registration and English proficiency test. Everyone is welcome to help new students to get around on MCU campus.

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