【877Enews】Check your ARC before leaving Taiwan

by Jubi Huang Holidays start soon; the Office of International Student Service reminds students to please check the following documents before you leave Taiwan for holidays: 1) Passport valid for at least six months; 2) ARC with multiple re-entry permit must be valid until your re-entry to Taiwan. Otherwise, please extend your ARC before you leave Taiwan; 3) Please present your ARC to customs at the airport when you re-enter Taiwan. If you extend your ARC now, the Immigration Office will help you to extend your expiry date until the end of March. After you arrive back in Taiwan, pay your tuition for next semester and have your student ID stamped by Academic Affairs, you may go to the Immigration office to extend your ARC for a year (up until your ARC’s expiry date). The Immigration office needs at least 10 working days to issue an amended ARC. Required documents for ARC extension: 1. Passport valid for at least six months (original and one photocopy) 2. Completed Application Form (available at the OISS Office) 3. One 4.5cm X 3.5cm photo 4. Student ID Card with registration mark (original and one photocopy) 5. Residence Certificate (Dorm residents apply to Student Affairs Section for certification or photocopy your lease) 6. Other (for example: flight itinerary) 7. Application fee: 1000 NTD Any ARC holder overstaying the residence period for more than 29 days is not allowed to re-apply for an ARC within Taiwan; you have to leave Taiwan and apply for a new visa to re-enter Taiwan. An extended period of overstay will result in being banned from future entry. If you have any question, please feel free to contact OISS.

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