【872Enews】Literary Prize at MCU Awards amounting to 200,000 NTD, come take the challenge

Do you have great passion and creative in writing essays or taking photos? Don’t be hesitant anymore; MCU Literary Prize contest is waiting for you to display your great talents. The event is organized by the General Secretary’s Division, and will be accepting submissions from now until Jan 16, 2014. As it’s a technology generation and, nowadays, people do like to use mobile phones or other devices to deliver messages in creative ways, there’s a new special category: “Topical Prose Essay.” Students who like to send messages through their phones are encouraged to participate in the new literary category; this year’s topic is “Love In Time”. Go to the MCU Literary Prize website to register your name and download the submission form so you can write your creative short topical prose essay on it. The first prize will earn NTD 6,000 as a reward. Another special category is the short film contest for those who are interested in film shooting. You can submit a 5-minute maximum short film on the topic of MCU campus life to show us interesting and happy student life. Aside from these new categories, the contest includes novel, prose (with Chinese and English divisions) and poetry, which is divided into contemporary poetry, classic poetry and English poetry. We strongly encourage and welcome our international students participate in the English prose and poetry categories. Also, the photography category includes both campus culture and creative free-style divisions. For campus culture, any kind of photos taken on a MCU campus qualify, while the creative free-style division accepts any great unretouched photos that you want to share. Each needs to be printed out as a 4×6 print and students are limited to five submissions in each photography division. Over the past 24 years of literary prizes, we have a multitude of great works which we are glad to share with you. In honor of the university’s 57th anniversary, the General Secretary looks forward to sharing all the honored works from previous winners. For more details, you can refer to the 25th Literary Prize page on Facebook and don’t forget to submit your works before Jan 16, 2014. What are you still waiting for? It is a great chance for you to grab the grand prize and show your talents. MCU Literary Prize website http://www.art.mcu.edu.tw Facebook Fans group https://www.facebook.com/MCU.art

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