【872Enews】Freshmen Choir Competition coming soon

by Abby Lu Freshmen Choir Competition is one of the biggest events among departments at MCU. Students are all trying their best to become the pride of their own departments. Both Taipei and Taoyuan campuses are holding preliminary competitions. Taipei’s will be on Dec 11 at 17:00; Taoyuan’s on Dec 14 at 12:00. How to get to the finals? Here’s the formula: On Taipei campus, 3 out of 8 departments will be qualified to go to the next round; on Taoyuan, 9 out of 24 will have the same opportunity. The final competition will be on Dec 20 at 18:00 on Taoyuan Campus. Both Taipei and Taoyuan’s IC are participating in this competition. Last year, both of these departments got into the finals. What’s more, Taipei IC won 5th place in the final competition. International College is looking forward to give all departments a WOW!

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