【872Enews】International Students Mandarin Speech Contest

by Debby Lin To promote interest in learning Chinese language and culture to MCU international students, International College held a Mandarin speech contest in Taoyuan campus on Nov. 22nd. This contest appealed to many international students, allowing them to share why they want to learn Mandarin, why they choose to study in Taiwan and their culture shock in Taiwan. During the contest, the most touching speech was from Mr. Dino Rafael Tramontani Olmedo from Paraguay. He said the main reason why he chooses to study in Taiwan is because he wants to experience different culture. After two years in Taiwan, he found that the education quality is high, and the living environment is nice and safe. He loves Taiwan and appreciates the Chinese culture. Taiwan was certainly become his second home country. Winners of the Mandarin speech contest on Taoyuan campus (Friday 2013/11/22) were: First prize: Mr. Dino Rafael Tramontani Olmedo(戴德榮) Second prize: Miss Nicole Durler(杜妮可) Third prize: Mr. Tiaon Tare(夏席翁) There will be another Mandarin speech contest on Taipei campus on Nov. 29th. Interested international students, please register at IC office before Nov. 27th.

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