【872Enews】Treasure of Knowledge – MCU Library

by Ruru Zhang Taiwan has a special culture featuring sticker collection games to win prizes. In this vein, MCU Library has prepared a series of games for this season. No doubt after passing each game, you will get a stamp and gift. Those who collect stamps from every game can win a special gift and iRead points. How much do you know about our library? MCU Library has great resources and books. As an example, the schools of Tourism and Design are specialized areas of study at MCU; therefore, the library collection includes a number of books related to the fields of Hospitality and Hotel management and operations, Leisure and Recreation, Food Chemistry, Aesthetics, Green Design and more. You can find much information that you need for your studies here. And during your leisure time, don’t forget to come over to read newspapers and magazines here. Enjoy the comfortable environment. The Taipei campus library has three floors. The first floor is used for stacks, the second floor for a periodical reading room and a reference section, and the third floor as a reading lounge with multimedia self- learning area. The Taoyuan library is comprised of four floors, each of which has more than a hundred seats and some meeting rooms with air-conditioning system to provide a comfortable reading environment. The second floor features an audiovisual room. As we know, reading books can help us to focus attention for pleasure, reflection, analysis, and growth. Please be reminded of the book loan periods for our Library. For faculty members, the loan period for books is 60 days and a maximum of 30 books can be borrowed at one time; for graduate students, the loan period is 30 days and a maximum of 25 books may be borrowed; for undergraduates, the loan period for books is 14 days and a maximum of 15 books may be borrowed. The loan periods for winter and summer breaks are announced separately.

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