【869Enews】New Short Film Section for MCU Literary Prize

Students who are interested in literary writing and poetry, taking photographs and producing film, pay attention! The 25th MCU Literary Prize held by General Secretary’s Division is about to begin. Besides the categories of English prose, English poetry and photography that are popular among international students, the addition of a short film category for this year provides an opportunity for those who are interested in making a movie. MCU Literary Prize is a traditional literary activity at the university and many international students have performed really well during the past years. For example, three international students won the top prizes among 9 sections in the 24th MCU Literary Prize. The new Short Film section is to encourage students to express the beauty and feeling of MCU campuses through recording, observation and performance. The monetary award for the 1st Prize of this section is 15,000 NTD which is as high as the 1st Prize for Novel, which makes the total monetary awards available in MCU Literary Prize competition more than 200,000 NTD. The 25th MCU Literary Prize is set to begin accepting submissions after the midterm examinations (middle of November); please refer to further information on MCU Literary Prize website (http://www.art.mcu.edu.tw), or become a fan of “銘傳大學-銘傳文藝獎” on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MCU.art) for the latest news.

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