【869Enews】Questionnaire about Taiwan cuisine

Have you ever heard about iron egg, coffin bread, Tamshuei agei, pearl tapioca, pineapple cake, … Taiwan is a modern country with both traditional culture and creative ideas. It’s not that easy to maintain either traditional culture or foods. Some traditional food will become history if the younger generation doesn’t get involved in it. As you may have discovered, Taiwan’s foods are so unique that they have become a tourist attraction. During the week after mid-term examinations, questionnaire will be distributed to international students to gather their comments about impressions of Taiwan cuisine. It’s an interesting survey get to know how much you know about Taiwan and also the special cuisine which connects you with Taiwan food culture. Ming Chuan Magazine would like to know what it’s like for international students in Taiwan, especially for the students who come from a totally different food culture. Students are welcome to write in more details on the questionnaire as you consider your response toward Taiwan cuisine. In this activity, MC Magazine will draw 5 lucky students who have answered all the survey’s questions and each of them will be receiving a 100 NTD 7-11 gift certificate. This is to show their appreciation for the international students’ feedback. So, don’t be shy; tell us how much you know about Taiwanese cuisine!

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