【865ENews】Ming Chuan University US Location Established

Higher Education Spans Borders Ming Chuan University US Location Established by General Secretary Division The Ministry of Education in Taiwan, on July 10th, officially approved Ming Chuan University (MCU) to establish a location in the United States. With this move, MCU becomes the first and, so far the, only university in Taiwan approved and accredited by governments in these two countries. Ming Chuan University Michigan Location (MCUMI) is covered within the accreditation granted by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) in 2010. Thus, MCUMI diplomas will thus be recognized by the federal government and every state of the United States of America and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China. MCUMI brings the higher education of Taiwan onto the world stage, and at the same time, helps to promote the academic exchange, study and internship opportunities between the US and Taiwan, and enlarges the global vision of faculty and students. With visionary planning and dedicated effort for more than a decade, MCU was accredited by the MSCHE on November 18, 2010 and became the first US-accredited university in Asia. This year, MCU is able to establish a new location across the Pacific Ocean, under the moniker of “Ming Chuan University-Michigan Location, U.S.A.” Among Taiwan institutions, MCU is the pioneer to establish an accredited higher education location in the US and has proven itself to be an international institution with globalized education, internationalized faculty, students, and campuses. In February 2012, Ming Chuan University officially filed its application with the government of the State of Michigan to operate a private higher education institution on the campus of Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU), establishing two masters’ programs: International Master’s in Business Administration (IMBA) and Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL). In April of the same year, MCU’s application was approved by the government of the State of Michigan. SVSU, where MCUMI is located, is situated in the middle of Michigan near Lake Huron, and is a well-equipped university well-known for its media communication, business administration and arts programs. The president of Ming Chuan University, Dr. Lee, notes that MCU has been devoted to promote internationalization from early on. The approval from Ministry of Education to establish a location in the US this July demonstrates that the education MCU offers has gone beyond the border of Taiwan and has gradually expanded to the US. As the first Taiwan university that has been approved to establish a location in the US by governments in the two nations, by exporting the higher education of Taiwan abroad, MCU offers a new option to students. In the future, Ming Chuan University will construct an independent MCUMI campus, heading towards becoming a university well-known around the world.

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