【865ENews】Globally diverse student body at MCU

by Janet Antoine The start of a new semester is an excellent time to strengthen connections and welcome new students. As MCU welcomed a new batch of diverse students into its International College (IC), some classes this semester comprise up to 30 nationalities. During the breaks you can see students from different backgrounds interacting, sharing tips on courses and how to strategically juggle studies and leisure time. When asked about their impression of MCU thus far, many of the students jokingly made reference to the famous stairs of the university; however, they were keen to express how excited they are to be in such a diverse school. Others were thrilled with the assortment offered by campus food service, as finding familiar food can be quite challenging for international students in a new environment. Studying and living in a new cultural setting may cause some misunderstandings or awkward adjustments, but through the social support of their professors, classmates and friends from different cultures, these new students are comfortably adapting. Most students are pleased with the expeditious way in which IC office responds to their queries and the willingness of the staff to assist them.

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