【865ENews】Taoyuan Bus Company joins MCU shuttle bus brigade

by Abby Lu Here’s good news for students who often commute from Taipei to Taoyuan Campus. Starting from September 9, Taoyuan Bus has joined MCU shuttle bus brigade and provides students with new routes for more convenient transportation. According to the Taoyuan Campus Administration Division, the route for the original Jyou Jyou school bus is: Taipei Campus←→ Taipei Train Station ←→ Taoyuan Campus. The price for a one-way ticket is NT$60; tickets are available at M building on Taoyuan Campus. The new route provided by Taoyuan Bus is: Sanchong Cailiao ←→ Taoyuan Campus. If you don’t want to miss the bus, please be there 5 minutes prior to scheduled departure. One thing special about Taoyuan Bus is that students are able to use Taiwan Easy Go Card, which you can buy from the General Affairs Section (available on Wednesdays 12:00pm~2:00pm.) Therefore, there is no need to buy tickets. Fares for different locations are: Sanchong ←→ Taoyuan Campus is NT$60, Hsin-Chuang ←→ Taoyuan Campus is NT$40, Hueilong ←→ Taoyuan Campus is NT$30. The school shuttle bus service is available from Monday to Friday (no service during holidays and summer/winter vacations). But Jyou Jyou Bus has additional service on Sundays and national holidays at 19:00~20:30 from Taipei Train station to Taoyuan Campus. Lastly, if you have any problems, you can contact Taoyuan Campus Administration Division or the bus company. The bus company contact numbers:Jyou Jyou Bus (03)3507001*3125; Taoyuan Bus (03)3625100.

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