【859Enews】Dragon Boat Festival Celebration

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon! This year, several administrative units are serving drinks and sticky rice dumplings (Zong-Zi) to our international students and those who reside in the university dormitory. The Office of International Student Service will be distributing Zong-Zi on 6/5 at noon in E202 on Taipei campus and on the first floor of Q Building on Taoyuan campus. The Housing Service Section on Taipei campus and JiHe Complex will also be seving free Zong-Zi in exchange for a May/June sales invoice on 6/10 starting from 5:30 pm at the Student Lounge of the dorms. All invoices collected will be donated to Genesis Social Welfare Foundation. On 6/11, the Overseas and Mainland Chinese Students Service Section will be serving Zong-Zi at noon in E101 and on the 3rd floor of the Physical Education Building on Taoyuan campus. In addition, the Taoyuan Housing Service Section will also be serving Zong-Zi in the evening at 6 pm at the Student Lounge of the dorm. At the same time, the dorm supervisors and representatives from the Student Self Governance Body will be presenting on the origin and the story behind this holiday.

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