【858Enews】SVSU Roberts Fellows Visit MCU

by Carine Yang The Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) Roberts Fellows from the United States will be visiting Taiwan from May 26 to May 30, 2013. Dr. Andrew A. Swihart from the Psychology Department, Dr. Brian Thomas from the History Department and Dr. Anne Tapp from the English Department at SVSU will be visiting MCU with 11 elite students from the program. Dr. Robert Yien, MCU Vice President for Administrative Affairs, will be hosting the visitors for the sixth consecutive year. After taking a one-year long program focused on Asian Culture and Leadership, these students will be embarking on a month-long trip to Mainland China, Japan and Taiwan. MCU will be preparing a warm welcome for these guests. On May 28, a series of cultural exchange activities will be held at Taoyuan campus, including two speeches, one on Taiwan History (presented by Dr. Robert Yien) and another on Governance and Leadership (presented by Director Walter Wang, Office of International Student Service). This will also be a great opportunity for the SVSU Roberts Fellows to meet the MCU students who will be participating in the study exchange program at SVSU this summer.

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