【858Enews】International Scholarship Academic Grade Average Changes

by Daphne Chu In order to encourage international students to work hard and to have good grades, beginning from the next academic year, in September 2013, the grades standard has been changed for students wishing to apply for the “International Scholarship”. The changes are as follows: Undergraduate students must achieve an academic grade average of 85 or higher, rather than the original 80 and above. Graduate students’ minimum academic grade average remains the same. Those who meet the new grade criteria are eligible to apply. These changes will be implemented during the 1st semester of the 2013-14 academic year. Therefore, students wishing to apply must take note and make sure that their results for this semester reach the new academic grade average standard in order to be eligible. Please prepare early for these changes and inform your fellow international schoolmates, too. If you have any questions regarding the scholarship requirements, please direct them to Daphne in the Division of International Education and Exchange (IEE Division); Email: daphne@mail.mcu.edut.tw Tel: 03-3507001 Ext.3703.

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