【858Enews】8 Gold Medals for MCU in National Intercollegiate Athletic Games

by Sue Lin Tan The 2013 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games just ended on May 1 at Ilan University. The athletic representing MCU had great performances, winning a total of 8 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. MCU ended with 15th ranking out of 163 universities. Loh Hui Xin, a Malaysian student, won 6 gold medals in gymnastic events including 5 individual events and also the team event. She is a former Malaysian gymnast and her form remains good under the training of Coach Ho on the MCU team. Since 1983, MCU has won the gold in gymnasium events 23 times. Students from International College had a great performance in this competition. In badminton events, Sue Lin Tan, also from Malaysia, attained wonderful results as this was her second time to win a gold medal in the ational Intercollegiate Athletic Games. In the women’s singles final, she beat Qiao-Yu Yang from Fu-Jen University with scores of 21:13 and 21:10. “I did feel a lot of pressure in this competition, as I hoped that I can perform well and I know that my coaches have high expectation of me,” Sue said. Before the competition, she prepared both physically and mentally. “I would like to thank my coaches, teammates and also friends who supported me, it is an honor to get the gold medal again,” said Sue. Another second time gold medal winner was Rui-Yu Chai, who won gold and silver medals this year in the cricket games. Benjamin Annius from St. Lucia also won a silver medal in karate events. During his four years of university, he achieved glorious results, with one gold medal and two silver medals. Besides pushing for academic excellence, MCU has great performance in sports events. The university is grateful for the students who have won medals and brought honor to the school. If you are a potential athlete and interested in specific sports, you are welcome to contact the school team coaches personally. Let’s look forward to excellent results in next year’s National Collegiate Athletic Games.

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