【858Enews】Elite Athlete Stories-Don’t ever let go of your dream

by Sue-Lin Tan Do you ever feel like your dream has almost come true but not yet? It’s not easy to hold your dream tight as you face obstacles and challenges that make you feel like giving up; and you will feel like it’s impossible to make it. I’ve been a badminton player since I was nine years old. Badminton is a sport which started in the United Kingdom but it’s famous in Asian countries. It’s the national sport in Malaysia, because Dato Lee Chong Wei has brought it up to world class and also giving hopes to young badminton players. My dad was a former badminton player and he is my all-time coach. I started serious and disciplined training at 11, rushing to the badminton court every day after class. Being trained very hard to achieve my dream, the only reason that I can go through the hard times is that I am passionate towards badminton. Being a sports player, I have experienced something different from others, and I realized that determination and hard work is the way to success. No pain, no gain. For me, the most interesting part of being an athlete is that you can meet new friends around the world and it’s pretty exciting that you can play against a good player. There is not always win or lose; if you are mentally and physically well prepared, you can achieve the goal. In May of 2013, my second time to participate in the National Collegiate Athletic Games in Taiwan, I had set my own goal. When you set your target, the pressure will come along, too. Maybe due to lack of training, I lost confidence in myself. It has been a while since I couldn’t really conquer the pressure and I didn’t believe that I could get the title again. I talked to my seniors and also my parents, they told me the only thing that I could do at that time was just pick up my racquet, tie up my shoes, and go training! I felt grateful that my friends are always beside me and encourage me: “They believe in me, and why do I doubt myself?” I started serious training, going to the gym, jogging at night, one-to-one skills training and so on. I got back my fighting spirit and it really made me focus on what I want. In the competition, I performed confidently, and at last I won the game. It was pretty exciting as it was like another dream came true. Through a lot of support and encouragement, finally I did it again. Any time people tell you that you will never be a successful person, and criticize your dream, don’t you ever believe them. You’re the master of your life, and you’re much better than they can even imagine. Dare to dream, and it will be yours.

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