【858Enews】Elite Athlete Stories-God has chosen me to participate in Artistic Gymnastics

by Hui-Xin Loh When I was 7 years old, I started learning gymnastics in my hometown in Malaysia. It usually takes quite a while for gymnasts to come back into form; but, though I had stopped training for 5 years, I took only two months to be fully prepared for Taiwan National Intercollegiate Athletic Games. As we all know, Ming Chuan Taipei Campus is quite small and does not have enough space and apparatus for us to practice on, so the gymnastics team of MCU has to travel to National Taiwan Sports University to practice, which takes around an hour one way. I enjoyed and appreciated while we were preparing for the competition. We’re lucky to have Ms. Cai-Rong Ho as our teacher, at the same time, our coach and Ming-Zhe Li as her helper. I am also lucky to have Ning Shih, Rou-An Chen, Pei-Hsuan Lin and Irina Chu as my team members. Although we had injuries during the preparation, we still managed to win a gold medal for the team event. I am really honored to have won another five medals for individual events. Difficulties and obstacles were faced and I am really grateful that with the help of my teachers and team members, I overcame them and gained such unforgettable experiences. I have made a lot of new friends with the gymnasts from Taiwan and Hong Kong, too. During the day of the final competition, I will never forget that my back was aching very badly. I found out that the aching was caused by muscle inflammation but, as they say, the journey has to continue. I would like to especially thank those who helped me through the whole event and gave me the power and strength to finish my routines. The performances by MCU Gymnastics Team were incredibly fabulous, with no doubt. I am grateful and honored to be part of the team; MCU Gymnastic Team is awesome.

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