【854Enews】Launch of AMCU Dual Masters\’ Program

by Sandra Chen The international education of Ming Chuan University has taken one big step forward. AMCU and our sister school, Saginaw Valley State University(SVSU), Michigan, USA, have co-designed a “3+1+1” dual masters’ program for MCU undergraduate and graduating students. Students may choose from a dual masters’ program in Business (AMCU International Master’s in Business Administration [IMBA]) + Saginaw Valley State University Master of Business Administration [MBA]) and a dual masters’ program in Education (AMCU Master of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language [MTCSL] + Saginaw Valley State University, College of Education, Master of Education [ME]). The “3+1+1” dual masters’ program is open to eligible 3rd and 4th year students who have completed more than 100 credits at MCU with accumulative grades of B or above (GPA 3.0/4.0 and above), and who have scored at least 79 points on TOEFL IBT. Eligible students may file an application with the International Education and Exchange Division. Third-year students who receive an admission offer will receive a I-20 issued by Saginaw Valley State University, and can then apply for F-1 student visa for master’s program study in the States. Students will spend at least 1 full year (2 semesters and 1 summer session) studying at AMCU and Saginaw Valley State University for this dual master’s program. MCU students will be able to access and enjoy the abundant teaching resources of this quality state university in the USA. Students are then to return to MCU to finish their undergraduate credits. Upon completion of all graduation requirements, students will be able to acquire their bachelor’s and dual masters’ diplomas. Graduating students may directly apply for the dual masters’ program after graduating from MCU this June or July, as long as the student does not have military service obligations. This special offer of dual masters’ program enables MCU students to pay the tuition of only one master’s program, and acquire the dual masters’ diplomas in business or education (2/3 credits from SVSU master’s program and 1/3 credits from AMCU master’s program, with credits recognized by both universities). Students will have the chance to enjoy campus facilities and accommodations of a fine university in the USA. The MBA program of SVSU is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, and has excellent teaching quality, while the International Master’s in Business Administration program at MCU is covered under its MSCHE accreditation. Students will be able to learn under western and eastern education systems about the essence of business management to be more competitive in the job market. Moreover, the trend of learning Chinese is promoted aggressively all over the world, especially in the U.S. The demand for Chinese teachers has increased dramatically. Therefore, being a Master in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and a Master of Education from the College of Education, Saginaw Valley State University, will promote your job-hunting ability in the USA and beyond.

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