【854Enews】Breaking History: IC Won 4th Place

by Abby Lu IC cheerleaders were holding each other’s hands, waiting for the final result. When they heard the announcement after the competition: ‘the 4th place goes to International College!’ everybody was shouting like crazy with tears and the sweetest smile on their faces. The 1st prize went to the School of Communication, 2nd to the Department of Information Management, 3rd to the Department of Digital Media Design, 4th was International College and 5th was the Department of Computer and Communication Engineering. Thanks to all foreign students who participated in team IC, International College fully expressed their own characteristics and successfully showed people the different cultures including Lady Gaga, Samba, African dance, Hawaiian dance, Chinese Kung Fu and Roman soldiers in their choreography. All of them noted that this was their first time to experience the cheerleading contest and they felt really glad to have this opportunity to perform in such an important event. IC won awards for Excellent Work and 7th place at the 51st and 53rd anniversary, respectively. They broke the record and fulfilled their dream. When they performed, all people were cheering loudly and totally amazed. However, most of the people don’t know how much effort they put into this contest because team IC includes both Taipei and Taoyuan campus; it was really hard for them to arrange their schedules. This year, IC really rocked the stage. We are looking forward to their future performance and hope they can make history again.

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