【854Enews】MCU won two firsts in Student Paper Competition

by Miya Cheng The TaiwanICDF and MCU cooperated for the second time to host the “International Development Cooperation Student Paper Competition”. MCU is thankful for TaiwanICDF’s support throughout the competition, and for the full participation of all TICA alliance universities. Remarkably, there were 50 participation groups this year, which is approximately eight times more than last year. Finally, we are happy to announce that two MCU students won first place in their category, Lindbergh Gilroy Belle (Advisor Bruno Di Giusto) won first place in Bachelor’s group of Agriculture Fishery and Maria Fernanda Quevedo (Advisor Yvonne Hu Di Giusto) won first place in Bachelor’s group of Business and Management. It was a conference fruitful with results; MCU is very proud to organize such a meaningful event.

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