【854Enews】Flashback of 2013 IC Cheerleading-1

Leader of Taipei IC Cheerleading Squad by Vickey Hsu (JMC 2) It’s been a while since we competed on that unforgettable Saturday of my university life. But even now thinking back about what we went through is something that makes me smile. It was really my honor to be the leader of the Taipei IC team. There were many difficulties, and I had to organize many things; however, I do not regret it at all. I am really grateful that I gained a lot of experiences and made a lot of new friends from both Taipei and Taoyuan International College. It was really touching to see all the people who joined and stayed until the end, and also thanks to all the special characters that joined us; they made us shine! Everyone put in a lot of effort and gave up their personal time for cheerleading. I can still remember the day when we had the Pre-Competition and the music was acting up. But what was so nice to see was that the whole team remained calm and carried on dancing. And for the final competition, everyone danced with their fullest energy; thanks to the props team, we surprised the audience. Straight after the dance, everyone had tears of joy, because we knew no matter what the result was, we have already made ourselves proud, and we tried our best. The result was sweet, and the whole two months was definitely worthwhile. And I must say that all the other departments’ performances were fabulous without a doubt. 2013 Cheerleading will be one of the most awesome highlights of my college life and something I will never ever forget.

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