【854Enews】Flashback of 2013 IC Cheerleading-2

Special Character by Donya L. Francis (JMC 1) Even though it is now over, I feel as though I am still standing backstage waiting for my cue to perform. It was definitely an unforgettable experience, something that I will do again. I am not a dancer and will never be, but I pledge to do anything that will see me having spent my time well at Ming Chuan University. Hence, me dancing for the school’s anniversary Creative Cheerleading Competition was a step outside of my comfort zone but one of my most memorable times. The unity and love I felt while practicing and performing with my FRIENDS in International College surpassed every expectation that I have engraved in my books. The applause entered my heart and made me feel like I was now HOME. The Creative Cheerleading Competition is a great avenue for students to express themselves. Seeing, meeting and conversing with other students from the many different departments has left me with a number of new-found friends. These are times that one should cherish the most. I am most grateful for the opportunity that was bestowed upon me.

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