【849Enews】Learn to respect your life – poster contest is coming soon

by Sue-Lin Tan Student Affairs Division, in cooperation with School of Design, is holding the Moral Education Poster Contest to popularize morality and reinforce students’ value and respect for life. The title of the poster contest is ‘Respect for Life’, the contents are to emphasize the value of life and also understanding the meaning of life. Every contestant must submit a design draft of A3 (297*420mm) size. Students should save the designed poster onto a disc, write your full name, class and the title of your design on it. The format must be in PC standard, a *.jpg file with resolution of 300dpi. For more information, please check online on the Student Affairs Division website. The deadline is April 26. You can reuqest a registration form at Taipei campus Student Affairs Division (Teacher Lee, extension no: 2503) or Taoyuan campus Student Academic Affairs (Teacher Liu, extension no: 3181). The first prize will include a NTD 6,000 award. Hope you will join the competition!

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