【849Enews】Strive for Excellence Project Expands International Education

by Miya Cheng On February 8, 2013, the Ministry of Education announced the subsidy roster for the 3rd Term of the University Strive for Excellence Project. With many years of in-depth experiences in teaching and learning, our university has outstanding achievements. To follow the 1st Term of 2005-2008 (4-year subsidy of one hundred fifty million NTD), the 2nd Term of 2009-2012 (4-year subsidy of two hundred ten million NTD), MCU was awarded a 3rd Term of a 2-year project with total subsidy of one hundred twenty million NTD, with sixty million NTD per year. With this project subsidy, we strive to build a multi-faceted internationalized campus by providing English learning environment and activities, such as Home Stay, Exchange Student Buddy Program, and International Student Cross-cultural Activity, as to cultivate students’ global vision. For encouraging students to strengthen language ability and professional skills, we promote Campus English Day once every week and encourage faculty and students to use English when coming to campus offices for business. In addition, we also provide rewarding subsidies to encourage students in having outstanding performances. For example, obtaining international professional certificates and participating in international competitions and volunteering can qualify, while providing study abroad and internship opportunities which allow students to have broader vision and experience global culture. As for filling our campus with dynamic and competitiveness and encouraging our students to experience international education and cultural learning, we will continue to promote various campus activities for international exchange and international culture.

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