【849Enews】Warmly welcome 94 international exchange students to MCU

by Sue-Lin Tan This spring semester, MCU has a total of 94 international exchange students from sister schools in various countries. They are joining classes in six schools, including International College, schools of Management, Tourism, Design and Applied Languages. The majority, 53, of the international exchange students are from Korea. Following, are those from European countries: 8 from France, 6 from Holland, 5 from Germany and 2 from Poland. Besides, there are 10 Mongolians, 4 Americans and 6 Thai students. Nam Hee, who came from An Yang University of Korea, said that she feels very satisfied with this new environment, as people are passionate and friendly. She doesn’t feel lonely here because she has many friends who came from the same university, too. Regarding great opportunity, she would like to learn Chinese and improve her English. Maria, from United States, chose to come to Taiwan because she loves Chinese culture and hopes to learn Chinese, too. She says that MCU provides a good learning environment for the students. A Mongolian student, Ano, who came here for only one semester, says that she loves the clean environment and has nice roommates. ‘It’s great that I can get to know many friends who came from different countries, with different backgrounds.” The International Education & Exchange Division has set up the International Student Buddy Program. Each exchange student will be assigned a local student as a partner. The local students will help the exchange students to get used to the new school life at MCU and experience Taiwan’s local culture. Students who are interested should keep an eye on the latest news of the program. If you’re interested to join the student exchange program, please go to the division’s website (http:// iee.mcu.edu.tw) for more information regarding overseas study programs.

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