by Abby Lu Seeing lots of Ming Chuan students practicing and dancing on the field, what’s happening? It is because the university’s great cheerleading competition is coming. The competition will be on Taipei Campus. The preliminary contest will be held on March 22 in the afternoon and the final competition will be on March 23 at 9am, which is the day of MCU’s 56th anniversary celebration. A total of 32 departments are ready to rock the stage! All of them are trying their best to show their amazing performances to the audience and win everybody’s applause. This year we have a very special team from Kinmen campus. This is their first time to head to Taipei and join the cheerleading competition. Besides, International College formed a bigger team this year. In the past, only Taoyuan IC joined this competition. However, this year is the first time that Taipei IC and Taoyuan IC work together in the contest. Although the two sections are located on different campuses, they still get together and practice very hard. Vickey Hsu, the leader in Taipei IC said: “This is our first time to compete. Although it’s hard sometimes, we will still show all the students in Ming Chuan our progress and passion!” IC has a lot of foreign students on the team this time. There are students from Europe, America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Japan and Indonesia. They said it is quite exciting because this is their first time to dance in front of all the students and teachers. Thanks to the foreign students, International College will be able to showcase their different cultures and characteristics as their specialties. IC won awards for Excellent Work and 7th Place at the 51st and 53rd anniversary, respectively. IC strongly believes that with the strength of Taipei IC, they will perform even better and give everybody a surprise in the competition.