【845Enews】84th MC Magazine available now

by Sue-Lin Tan The latest Ming Chuan Magazine is out and you’re free to grab one. The most interesting topics in this magazine are on the end of the world and also the world festivals, written by students from other countries. The end of the world is one of the hottest current topics; there are articles about how the author sees the world related to this topic. There are points of view about religion, family, relationships, environment and many more. The interesting world festivals are written in English so that everyone, including non- Chinese readers, can know more about the culture and traditions in other countries. You can get to know how Malaysians celebrate Hari Raya, the different way Vietnamese celebrate Dragon Boat Festival and the special festivals in Taiwan. There are many more, including interesting festivals in Indonesia, Philippines, the Solomon islands and St. Vincent. As usual, there are many more fascinating stories in the magazine. Know more about MCU and know more about the world.

➔ 歡迎轉載《銘傳一週》新聞,引用請註明出處